Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Student Feels Reading Is Overrated

A student studying for an English test with his classmates tonight stated that he felt that reading was highly overrated. He explained that his parents and teachers were forever arguing that he should read more books and complaining that TV and video games were 'rotting his brain'. However, he pointed out that everything from theater to radio to film had at one time been decried as the death of art and an indicator of the downfall of society, and he argued that the future would probably look upon arguments against TV and video games in the same quaint way we now look at those against these other mediums. He felt that the purpose of any diversion was to entertain, challenge, and sometimes to educate, all of which TV and video games could accomplish. It wasn't that he had any problem with reading, he said, but that he didn't feel it deserved to be held up as the pinnacle of leisure activities. To him, he said, a moment enjoyed was not a moment wasted.
One of his classmates said that they felt that was a good quote and asked him who'd said it.
The student said he didn't know, he'd heard it on TV.

[ed's note: possible var. on Bertrand Russell - 'a moment you enjoy wasting is not a moment wasted']


Wyrfu said...

A veritable philosopher in the making. Such a pity he had to fall back on Bertrand Russell as his authority, however...

Anonymous said...

he probably heard it on CSI. They're always coming up with crap like that.