Thursday, March 31, 2005

Man Pretending To Be Virgin To Avoid Disclosing STD

A man told his friend last night that he had been claiming to be saving himself for marriage to avoid disclosing the fact that he had Herpes Simplex to his new girlfriend. He said that in the past his relationships had ended very quickly after he made that admission. This time he'd decided to play a virgin, never imagining that the relationship would amount to much. However, he said, not only did he like the girl, he'd given serious thought to asking her to be his wife. This presented two problems. One, he would have to disclose that in fact he'd been lying all along about being a virgin. Two, he'd have to share the fact that he'd done so because he had a permanent and contagious sexually transmitted disease. He said that he was terrified that even if she could overlook one of those truths, the combination was likely to be too much.
His friend said that it would certainly be difficult, but if the girl and he were meant for one another they would see their way past this situation.
The man said he wasn't sure how he could expect her to see past the fact that he wasn't what he claimed to be. He said that lies in general were poison to relationships.
But the lies that always get you, he said, are the ones you really wish were true.


Wyrfu said...

One day it will occur to the poor fella that he is doomed to eternal confrontation with this problem...

Janie said...

Your blog is quite interesting. I once thought about just sitting down at coffee shops/shopping malls and writing about people. They are so interesting...and it's great when you can see things about them that are interesting. keep up the good blogging.
and p.s. That man with the std should come clean. std's are nasty.It's a gift that keeps on giving..... ( joke)

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