Friday, March 04, 2005

Young Girl Converses With Yo-Yo

Last night a young girl sat upside down in a bookstore chair and carried on a fairly loud conversation with a beeping toy yo-yo. She made various inquiries of the small yellow object and then somehow interpreted its answers from the electronic tones it made when she shook it. Among the things she asked of her yo-yo were the following:
Have you ever played truth or dare?
Was it fun or gross?
Do you love fashion?
At some point during her conversation she told the yo-yo to hold on, that she had a call on her other line. By this point her performance had drawn the attention of a majority of the bookstore patrons as she was essentially doing a handstand in the chair, her dress having fallen over her head exposing her undergarments, her pink sandals dangling from the tips of her inverted toes.
Hello, she said. The yo-yo again began beeping.
I’m not even going to talk about that, she replied.
She then flipped herself back onto her feet and walked away.
A patron remarked to her friend that she wished she felt free enough to talk to inanimate objects in a bookstore while sitting upside down with her dress over her head.
The friend remarked he would very much like to see that.


Wyrfu said...

What kind of a world are living in when that doesn't happen all the time in bookstores? Sometimes I despair...

Jodie said...

Wasn't that you last week in Borders, Gone? :D

One of my sons' friends, at age 3, used to take off all her clothes in the library and run around in nothing but her cowboy boots. Books must be very freeing for very young ladies.

Ned said...

Why do you think I was banned from the bookstore?
I think they must have a rule about yo-yo's.