Monday, March 07, 2005

Man Relies On Dining Out To Force Conversation With Girlfriend

Last night a man explained to his friend that he'd come to rely on dining out to foster communication with his girlfriend. He explained that when seated across from one another in a restaurant there was no expectation that anyone or anything else would be along to entertain them. They were totally dependent on one another to avoid silence and provide conversation, and as a result they tended to talk a great deal more when they went out to dinner than at any other time. He offered that on a typical night at home they usually watched TV while they ate and spoke only in fits and starts during commercials. He said dining out was like paying to be sequestered from distractions so you could enjoy the person you loved.
His friend suggested that they could simply turn off the TV and enjoy some conversation at home.
If only that were true, the man replied.

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Wyrfu said...

The man was wise beyond his years. He must have known that strange things happen when you turn off the TV...