Monday, March 28, 2005

Mother Feels Gay Son Needs To Meet Right Girl

A mother explained to her daughter last night that she did not believe her son's assertions that he was gay and argued that in time he would meet a girl who satisfied his tastes and drop all pretenses of homosexuality. She said that she felt that his 'coming out' had been a cry for attention from a child who was unsure about his career and having trouble with living away from his parents for the first time. She said that now that he had gotten the attention he so desired he was likely to find it difficult to continue living the lie of being gay and return to heterosexual behavior. She pointed out that she'd not yet been introduced to any of his 'partners' because in all likelihood there had been none.
The daughter told her mother she was in denial. She said that her brother's coming out was certainly a reaction to being away from home for the first time, but was sign that he was more certain about his identity, not less so. She said that he hadn't brought any 'partners' home because it was so obvious that the mother had not yet come to terms with the situation, as evidenced by her claims that he was faking the whole thing.
The mother said she had come to terms with the situation, and had no problems with gays. She just knew that her son was not gay.
The daughter asked how the mother was so sure.
Because, she said, that's not how I raised him.

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Wyrfu said...

Mothers are always right...