Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Man Fired From Customer Service Job For Offering Competitor's Project

A man now working at a coffee shop explained to a customer that he had been fired from his last job as a customer service representative for a cable company because he had advised a customer that she might be better off just getting service from a satellite provider. He said the customer in question was overpaying for digital packages in numerous rooms, had a history of problems with the cable company a mile long, and routinely had to wait days for a technician to come out and fix her various problems. The man said he had felt bad for the customer and explained to her that she could get the same channels for about thirty dollars a month less and free herself from dealing with the cable company if she switched to satellite. He even admitted to her that though he worked for the cable company, he used satellite. He said he knew that it was risky to offer such advice as any call might be monitored and certainly advising customers to sign up with another provider was grounds for dismissal, but he said that the woman had sounded old and beaten down by her constant battles with the company. He said the thought of saving her thirty dollars a month had made it seem worth the risk at the time.
The coffee shop patron asked if in fact the call had been monitored and if that was what had precipitated the man's firing.
He said, no, the woman had called back and told on him


Wyrfu said...

I am astounded. Not by the attitude of the cable company (they have a reputation to live up to after all) but by the betrayal inherent in the customer's response.

Once again Mr Kyle demonstrates the virtues of eavesdr...oops, I mean awareness of the world around us. :D

Harry said...

The human being proves again that monkeys cannot compete.