Friday, March 11, 2005

Man Concerned Over Fiancee's Request That He Use Rogaine

A man explained to his friend that he was a little bit concerned over his fiancee's recent requests that he start using Rogaine to curb his hair loss. He said that he would be the first to admit that his hair was thinning, and in fact he'd been thinking of just giving in and shaving his head bald rather than watching it go in stages. He said that he'd been thinning over the entire course of their relationship and that his fiancee had never expressed a concern with that fact. He wondered if the fact that she had suddenly become so concerned with his appearance prior to even being married was a sign of bad things to come.
His friend said that she probably was just concerned about wedding photos and wouldn't care one way or another after that.
The man said that he wanted to believe that, but ever since she'd asked him to use the Rogaine he felt that whenever she was talking to him her eyes were on his hairline rather than his face. He said he'd told her that he'd be glad to give it a try but that baldness ran in his family and that it might be inevitable. He said her assertions that is was okay had sounded less than reassuring. It was, he said, giving him pause with regards to the strength of their bond.
His friend said he couldn't imagine why either of them should be so concerned with such things.
After all, he said, what's marriage but a commitment to someone who's going to get uglier?

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