Thursday, March 03, 2005

Doctors Debate Who's Seen The Most Senseless Tragedy

Last night a pair of doctors were discussing which of them had come across the more senseless tragedy. They defined senseless as not only sad, but difficult to understand, hard to believe, and impossible to forget. The first doctor recalled a patient who had been riding a motorcycle when he collided with an emu that was crossing the road. Both the patient and the emu had died as a result. The second doctor mentioned an incident in which a patient had lost control of a golf cart on a golf course and crashed into a cactus resulting in life altering head trauma. After debating the subject they failed to come to an agreement.
One doctor remarked that the Lord worked in funny ways sometimes.
The other doctor said she didn't really see the humor.

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Wyrfu said...

What a wonderful thing a sense of humor is... ;)