Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Doctor Tired Of TV Shows That Claim Doctors Run In Hospitals

A doctor commenting to fellow physicians last night said that she was tired of the depiction of life inside hospitals she saw on TV. She said that a new show claiming to depict the life of residents in a big city hospital was riddled with inaccuracies and bore very little resemblance to life of young doctors. She was particularly bothered by the TV cliche of doctors running to and from various emergencies, which she said never occurred in the hospital regardless the situation. She said that if a doctor actually broke into a run she could not imagine what the reaction would be.
One of the other doctors stated that ER had been fairly accurate, but had still involved a lot of running. He wondered why Hollywood felt the need to project such fantasies about doctors.
The first doctor said she imagined it was because no one would watch a show about people who walked everywhere and more often than not lost their patients. How many people want to see a show, she wondered, where the paddles almost never shock people back to life?
None, said the other doctor. I see if every night, and if I could change the channel I would.


The Bubaker said...

Clever post. I enjoy your blog :o)

Jodie said...

They are right. The only MD I know who runs is the one who is double-scheduled at two hospitals at the same time. He's young, though, he'll learn.

And you'd think from watching those shows, that the ratio of MDs to nurses is 5 MDs to 1 nurse. :D