Friday, April 01, 2005

Man Canceling Phone Service Due To Lack Of Friends

An elderly gentlemen who apparently frequented a coffee shop explained to the shop employee that he had decided to cancel his phone service because no one ever called him. He said that he'd long suspected that his phone was a waste and had decided to keep a log over the last two months to find out just how much he used it. He discovered that he'd made no outgoing calls and received only three incoming calls, all from telemarketers. The man said he had no family, and though there were a few people, like the coffee shop employee, that he talked to on a semi-regular basis, he never used the phone for such conversations. He said that as far as he was concerned, it was just a waste of money, and certainly something he could do without.
The employee pointed out that if nothing else, the phone would certainly prove useful in an emergency.
Nah, the old man said, when you got no one to call when you're healthy, you might as well not bother when you're sick.
The employee seemed troubled by this answer and scribbled a number on the man's coffee cup. That's my number. You can call me.
The man laughed and told the employee that he was a good kid, but there were bigger things for him to worry about than an old man with no phone.
If I stop wasting my money of coffee, he said, then you can worry.


Wyrfu said...

The story of the kind soul and the realist...

Harry said...

Now he is writing about me!

Wyrfu said...

Man Cancelling Blog Service Due to Lack of Comments? Come on people, Mr Kyle does us a fine service here!

And cheer up, Harry - you have friends although they may not have your telephone number. ;)

Ned said...

I have phone service but I could be happy without it. I rarely call anyone when I am home, because, well I probably already talked to them today and there really isn't anything left to say. I am not that crazy about people calling me either. Maybe it is just I have run out of people I want to talk to. Maybe it is because the only people who call me are bill collectors. I guess I only keep my phone service because they are the DSL provider. Wow, I am really pathetic. I have to go re-examine my life now.