Monday, February 28, 2005

Teens Tease One Another Over Responsibility For Classmates Pregnancy

A group of thirteen to fourteen year old boys in a bookstore last night were teasing one another about which of them they believed to be responsible for the pregnancy of one of their classmates. It was established that at least four of them had engaged in sexual relations with the girl, though two of them denied having done so for a number of months. Both of the remaining boys admitted that they did not use condoms and had been having sex with the girl during the period in which she apparently became pregnant, but felt quite certain that the pregnancy was not a result of their actions. The child could not be theirs, they said, because they 'knew what they were doing'.
The remaining boys took great pleasure in teasing the two potential fathers, imagining them raising the child in tandem. Someone suggested that perhaps she would have twins and then they could each raise one as their own.
One of the boys grew tired of the jokes and told his friends to cut it out. He said that just because he and the other boy had slept with her didn't mean they were the only suspects.
Probably, he ventured, it could be a lot of people


Edgar Cantero said...

Where did my teenage years go? Anyone seen them?

Wyrfu said...

They were stolen from you, Edgar. Blame it on the 20th Century.

Wyrfu said...
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Anonymous said...

Does this story not disturb you? I was still squeemish about kissing at age 13!

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