Wednesday, February 02, 2005

College Student To Be Disappointed If Not Retired At 35

A college student engaged in conversation with what was believed to be his advisor yesterday was asked what age he would like to retire. He responded that he really couldn't see himself working past age 35. His advisor indicated that 35 was a very early age to think about ending a career and asked the student how specifically he thought he could achieve his goal. The student mentioned that although he hated banks he knew someone who worked for BofA and so probably he would do something 'financial' for them. He also indicated that his girlfriend was thinking about Law School, so probably she would make enough money for the both of them.
The advisor wondered if the student had thought about it from a non monetary point of view and questioned how the student thought he's be satisfied if he stopped working at age 35. What, specifically, did the student plan to do with his life?
The student replied that he didn't really know. Probably, he said, I'll just have some kids.


Edgar Cantero said...

Is there any non-monetary reason to keep stuck to a job? Wow. These people must have great jobs.

Kevin said...

This is just sad, especially in light of a young man that I learned about today. He lost a leg in Fallujah; he is learning to walk again and plans on staying in the service despite his wounds.


suki said...

A stay-at-home dad? That might work.