Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Man Laments Inability To Maintain Blog

A man expressed his disappointment in himself today for failing to maintain his blog. His angst was not rooted in his failure to provide new content for readers in that he was well aware that no one was actually following his work, but in his failure to meet his own expectations, to remain committed to something as simple as typing a few lines of overheard conversation on a daily basis. He wondered sadly what this might mean for larger projects he'd undertaken, projects like losing weight and progressing his career, projects that might take more commitment and offer even less in terms of reward and feedback. If he couldn't even commit to a few words a day, what hope did he really have of accomplishing anything?
He vowed to change, to rededicate himself to all his goals including the blog. He didn't actually say these things out loud. If he had those who knew him would say they'd heard it before.


Wyrfu said...

Tell me no more! I'm crying already...

Anonymous said...

"Public Doubtful Blog Will Survive After Blogger Publishes Internal Narrative"

Wonderful site -- keep it up.