Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Student Laments Lack of Terrorist Attack During Superbowl

A student confessed to a friend over coffee that he was secretly hoping for some sort of terrorist attack during the Superbowl. He said that while he did not wish anyone specific any harm, that he could not deny that there was something incredibly exciting about the atmosphere surrounding terrorist attacks. He remembered the way people stayed home from work to watch the news in the wake of the September 11th attacks, an experience he likened to a national snow day.
His friend said he felt it was fairly sick to be hoping that a large never of people would be killed or injured just to add a small amount of excitement to one's day.
The student said he probably wasn't explaining himself right.


Wyrfu said...

Close to the knuckle, but you are incredibly funny, Mr Kyle. You go on my (highly selective list) of blog must-reads. Sorry.

Unknown said...

Many, many thanks. Glad you stopped by.