Thursday, February 17, 2005

Couple Blames Crying Child On Parents Being Foreign

A young middle eastern boy slipped away from his parents yesterday and raced into a bookstore elevator as the door was closing. His father chased after him but did not reach the elevator until the door had closed. He peeled back the exterior door until an alarm sounded and the bulk of the door reopened. The young boy was inside, crying. His parents entered the elevator and both chastised him for running away and assured him that he was safe.
A Caucasian female witnessing the scene turned to her partner and said, that's what you get for not having control of your child.
Her boyfriend, also Caucasian, replied, that's what you get for being a damn foreigner.


Wyrfu said...

Are we that far removed from reality?

Wyrfu said...

That was posted on first reading. I have now read a few more posts down (commenting on each) and I have to say that you are the next internet phenomenon (which is a bit of a bugger, since I was planning on being that). I do, however, claim here and now that I was the the discoverer of you. You are nothing short of brilliant and, should you wish, I will help you to to stardom.

Wyrfu said...

Let me know.

signed: Gone Away

Unknown said...

Well, I don't want to call you delusional, or suggest that you seek any sort of help, so I'll simply say thank you very much for your kind words.

I would humbly accept all efforts to make me a star. Shortly thereafter I would screw it all up, but one thing at a time.

Wyrfu said...

Good answer. The first thing you're going to have to do is increase your traffic. Begin by getting out there and commenting on blogs you like. Most traffic in the blogosphere is composed of bloggers doing the rounds of the blogs they like. So get into the stream.

Wyrfu said...

Have a look at this blog:

The Hereunder Blog.Read a few of the postings; they do serious stuff too, but their humorous pieces are right up your street. I'll point them at your blog too - they'll appreciate it.

Ned said...

Gone is a little delusional. I don't think he can make you a star but he can increase your traffic. He did though, turn one guy into Humphrey Bogart.

Love the site. I thought at first one of my multiple personalities had written it but I checked with all of them and they all deny it. Besides, most of them are afraid of elevators.

Keep it up. The blogosphere is a dry and forbidding wasteland for the most part, an oasis of wit and humor is a welcome thing.

Harry said...

Bogart died, so I heard. Now I am wondering how come.