Thursday, February 03, 2005

Man Feels Makeover Shows Teach Conformity

A man discussing MTV's Made with what appeared to be a co-worker stated that he felt that makeover shows were not really beneficial to the people involved, but instead were merely a way of acknowledging that their natural personalities and proclivities were socially damaging and an opportunity to impress upon the participants that if they want people to like them, they really need to be less like themselves. He cited a recent show where the participant wanted to get a date but was geeky and like computer games and tended to talk about Lord Of The Rings without provocation. The show demonstrated how he repelled girls on his own, then endeavored to remake him, telling him how to dress, how to act, and what to say. In the end he got a date. The man felt that this was hardly something to celebrate, but instead an instance in which a unique individual had been taught that if he wanted to get ahead, he must look and act like everyone else.
His co-worker stated that while that might be true, clearly the kid hadn't gotten dates before, and by following the shows advice that changed.
So great, the man summarized, the message is that if you want to be happy, stop being different.

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