Thursday, February 10, 2005

Deaf Couple Has Argument In Bookstore

A deaf couple communicating entirely in sign language had a lengthy argument in the middle of a bookstore yesterday. Though no words were exchanged, the force of their movements and the expression on each individuals face indicated that they were extremely upset with one another. As the situation escalated it almost appeared as if they were engaged in some sort of non contact martial arts and the spectacle eventually drew a sizable crowd of spectators. Finally the man involved in the dispute walked away leaving the woman behind. Upon noticing the crowd of people who were staring the woman gave a sign to the crowd using only her middle finger, then exited.
One observer was overhead telling someone on a cell phone that he had just witnessed an argument with a great deal of style.


Amanda said...

I missed it! I've always wanted to watch something like that. Think it'll ever happen again?

Wyrfu said...

I LOVE this blog! Where have you been hiding?

Mike said...

You ought to see the Vagina Monologues in sign language at Gallaudet Campus, coming up this March. Though, I'm not going. I got my reasons as you could probably infer in my blog about it.