Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Relationship Ends Over Man's Refusal To Quit Job As Security Guard

Late last night a couple decided to terminate an eleven month relationship when the man affirmed his commitment to a job as a security guard. His girlfriend stated that she felt it was a dead end job and that she was embarrassed to admit to her friends that someone she was dating patrolled the local mall in a uniform with a fake badge. She reminded him that in the beginning of their relationship he'd made it clear that he considered the position temporary, but since then he'd turned down numerous opportunities to move into jobs with better hours and equal or better pay. She said that if he really liked security then he should stop pretending and apply for the police academy so that he could do the job for real.
The man said that if she was so embarrassed she need not tell her friends about his work, and assured her that since he worked to night shift he was unlikely to come in contact with anyone she knew. He admitted that he had originally thought the job would be temporary but had grown to like it, and was not interested in becoming a cop. He said the job gave him time to think.
The girl said she could not imagine how he could be so devoid of ambition, how he could accept such a lowly career.
He said he didn't understand it himself, but for some reason he truly enjoyed his job. He said he'd had enough awful jobs to recognize how rare that was, and so he was not in a hurry to give it up.
His girlfriend asked if he thought that was the most important thing, that he enjoy his job. She asked if he thought it was more important than their relationship.
He said he didn't know. He asked if she thought the fact that she was embarrassed about his job was more important than their relationship.
She said yes, it probably was.


Wyrfu said...

Funny and yet sad. I can't help it, I'm on the guy's side...

AnonymousCog said...

He is so incredibly lucky. He found a job that makes him happy, and he found out that his girlfriend is a shallow moron before she could ruin his life. If she can't be proud of the man for who he is as a person and the strength of his character, he's better off without her. Someone has to be the security guard, to judge yourself better is wrong.
Sorry, didn't mean to rant.

Jodie said...

Hey, he's problem there that I see except that he has a lousy girlfriend.

Peter A. Clay said...

Well let's look at this a little closer, while I agree that unconditional love should have no conditions, and maybe she is shallow, but also maybe she was just looking for some ambition or aspirations from him. Maybe it was just her "decide now" approach is what sucked. I think a lot of people confuse contentment with complacency, and I find it unlikely that someone wishes to be one thing and that's it. If so that's fine too, but it's also okay for someone to think it's not, if it involves a commitment.

suki said...

I suppose they didn't clarify what they both really wanted out of life.. :P Oh well, at least now they can both move on.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Kyle, isn't it about time for another abs update? I think everyone is curious.

xo F

Unknown said...

Very well. Updated ab photo by friday.

Unknown said...

I like this guy. Who needs a girlfriend that can only be in a relationship with a guy that has the right job. If the job makes you happy then that is the job for you.

Rev. Dubya said...

I worked as a security guard for a while during the summer between school semesters.

It was fun. It was in this cool hotel in downtown Lexington, KY. I carried a flashlight, a collapsable baton (an ASP like the real cops carry) and a badge.

I got a master key that worked on every door in the hotel. I had my choice of rooms every night to take naps in. I also got to bring in swimming trunks and enjoy the jacuzzis when I wasn't patrolling.

I had a key to the kitchen that I could use to grill a steak at 3:00 AM if I wanted one. It was ultra-kewl.

I also worked with some really kewl people. The clerk was a retired local cop. We used to sit around and listen to Ray tell stories of real police work. We would even sit around for 2 hours or so each night and watch COPS reruns on CourtTV.

It was a really fun job. The only bad thing was the hours. I worked third shift from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

The Church of Dysfunction

TLG said...

it might not be glamerous, but he likes it and is obviously OK with the pay. *shrug* Honestly... i'd be HAPPY to tell people what my boyfriend/husband does. And I'd tell them WHY he does it--because he has time to think, and he's happy doing it. It might make people think about what's important in THEIR lives.