Monday, February 07, 2005

Male Shoppers Feel Britney Unlikely To Recover From Pregnancy

Two men waiting in line to purchase a case of beer at a grocery store stated that should Britney Spears become pregnant in the near future, she was unlikely to regain her form. The discussion was prompted by a tabloid cover which seemed to indicate that such a pregnancy was imminent. The men seemed agreed that her figure was not a natural asset but a result of constant work and careful dieting, and anything that caused her to deviate from that plan, certainly a pregnancy, would be disastrous. One man said that he felt that Britney was constantly at war with her body, that she didn't really have the body of a model or an actress, but the body of a regular woman. He felt that after pregnancy, she would no longer be able to hide that fact.
The other man said it was a shame since it seemed to him Britney had done such a good job managing her career, avoiding the pitfalls that had plagued teen stars like Tiffany and Debbie Gibson and molding herself in the likeness of longtime stars like Madonna. However, he said that staying ahead of the music trends was one thing, staying ahead of her diet would be another. If pregnancy ruined her figure, he said, it wouldn't matter what she was singing.
His friend agreed, adding that there are no fat girls on MTV.


Saint Nate said...

Frankly, I think Britney's career is already shot now that everyone knows she has less talent than Bobby Brown. The only person who will suffer from her stretched frame will be her husband.

Wyrfu said...

You sir (Mr Kyle, that is), have more style than Gucci. How have you kept yourself secret for so long?

signed: Gone Away