Thursday, January 06, 2005

Washboard Abs and One Million Dollars

This site is simply meant to follow my quest to spend the next year attaining both washboard abs and one million dollars. At any given moment I might argue that one will be harder than the other. The scope may seem kind of narrow, but when you consider the scale of these enterprises you see that they're as much about what I'm not doing as what I am doing. So in addition to monthly pictures of my creamy middle and updates on my million dollar tote board you can look forward to hearing about all the shiny things that distract me. Typical distractions include news from the worlds of science, technology, entertainment, and sports. Sounds like categories in trivial pursuit, and everyone loves that, yes? So let's begin. Just so there's no confusion, I currently have ZERO dollars and am sporting a ZERO pack. But that's all about to change.


A said...

What about the $135 dollars you made last year? Hee hee.

Gienna said...

Starting at zero is the perfect pace to begin. I am totally rooting for you.

Dude ... Who *are* you?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the support, I'm sure I will need it. As for who I *am* I'm the wuthor of such brilliant works as the ones below, the second of which I beleive has a bio.