Monday, January 31, 2005

Bookstore Patrons Refuse Conversation With Senior Citizen

A senior gentlemen made five attempts at conversation with various bookstore patrons and employees yesterday, but was rebuffed by all. For the first hour the gentlemen intermittently read from a book called "The Christian Dictionary" and attempted to talk to a male student working on a paper. He asked the student: did he like his computer, what was he writing, and did he like his classes? The student gave brief answers to each and after the third question closed his notebook and left.
The gentlemen then wandered into the religion section and attempted to talk with a red haired female. The female smiled politely and then left the store.
Finally, the gentlemen moved down to the information booth where he began to converse with a female bookstore employee. The employee became annoyed and loudly announced that she did not have all day to stand around talking to the gentlemen. She then walked away.
With most of the store's patrons still staring, the gentlemen took a business card from the counter and left.


Calvin said...

What does it say about us when no one will take the time to carry on a conversation with a lonely old man?

Sometimes the smallest kind gestures mean the difference between a good or bad day for people who have very little.

Anonymous said...

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