Friday, January 28, 2005

Girl Considers Sending Journal To Boy Who Rejected Her

At a coffee shop late last night an emotionally distraught young woman discussed the advantages and disadvantages of sending her journal to a young man who had apparently rejected her advances. Among the advantages she cited was the fact that she felt she'd expressed her feelings so much better in her journal than she'd been able to do on the phone. She felt she'd failed to capture the depth of her feelings in their conversation, but since she'd written about him for months, the journal would communicate it clearly.
A friend asked the young woman what she thought it would accomplish. She asked if the young woman thought the journal would change his mind.
The young woman stated that she didn't know, but that she felt he needed to read it and hoped that maybe if he understood the scale of her love he might feel differently. And if not she felt that at least the he'd understand the pain his rejection had caused her. She then asked her friend what she would do.
Honestly, her friend said, I'd probably just set it on fire.


suki said...

That just shows how obsessed and freaky she was.

Lewis E. Moten III said...

If a woman I rejected gave me her journal like this, I would be freaked out.