Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Student Would Use Invisibility To Fight Terror

A student who was working as part of some sort of study group explained that were he to suddenly find himself invisible he would utilize his powers to hunt down and kill terrorists. He stated that he would travel to Iraq and wander its most dangerous areas until he was able to come across the hideouts and bases of operation for various terror and insurgent campaigns. He would then sneak in unseen and execute the terrorists. He mused that he might not kill everyone, but might let word seep out that an invisible force was killing terrorists in the hopes that fear might cause other terrorists to halt their work, thus saving him the trouble of having to find and kill them himself. When he was satisfied that he'd eliminated the serious terror threats he stated that he would return home where he would apply to same methods to stamping out drugs and organized crime. Other students offered their views on how his plans might be imporved or made more effective, but seemed generally on board with his plan of action.
However, another student dissented, arguing that were he to suddenly find himself invisible, his first stop would be the Playboy Mansion. This gave the others pause and when the discussion continued it was agreed that any contingency plans for invisibility would have to include this step.

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Unknown said...

I'm with him!