Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Money Now ROLLING In

WOW! I've earned 87 cents through my affiliation with google's adsense program thus far. I'm pretty sure all the clicks are from me. When and if I cross the dollar mark perhaps I'll have it framed.

Still no bids on the photos although I've received several comments on the general swellness of them. Please stop by and feel free to register your thoughts.

Photo 1 and Photo 2


Skip, The Middleman said...

I remember seeing an old Popeye cartoon in which someone had a book on how to make a million dollars. There were 2 plans. The first one was to find someone with 2 million dollars and ask him for half. The second was to find a million people with 2 dollars and ask each of them for half.

Maybe you can use one of these. It didn't work in the cartoon, but that doesn't prove anything.

Unknown said...

Someone else suggested a gun and a ski mask. If I'm still lagging in December I'll consider all of the above.