Thursday, January 20, 2005

Individual In Coffee Shop Plans To Turn Geo Tracker Into 'Show' Car

An unnamed individual in a coffee shop fought off vehement protests from what were believed to be his friends and family last night and vowed to pursue his dream of turning a mid 90's Geo Tracker into a 'show' car. His plans include a new engine, transmission, wheels, interior, and TV monitors in the headrests and dashboard.
The protesters attempted to point out that the cost of a new engine alone would be more than the Tracker was currently worth. Further, they questioned the wisdom of choosing a car like the Tracker, given it's relatively unpopular nature, to make into a show vehicle. Finally, they pointed out that the individual often chose not to drive the tracker because he felt it was a 'death trap'.
The individual responded that he would also be buying another car (Dodge Shadow) which he would actually drive while the Tracker was undergoing renovation. The finished Tracker would not be a commuting vehicle, but an investment. He stated that he's certain that the finished vehicle will be worth far more than the sum of its parts.
Just you wait, he said. Just you wait.

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Calvin said...

This had me laughing. I like your blog. I'm a new blogger myself, so it's always interesting to see what other newbies are up to.