Monday, January 24, 2005

Paramedics Find Humor In Co-Worker's Head Injury

Two paramedics were retrieving coffee before the start of their shift yesterday when it was revealed that one of their co-workers had suffered a head injury and now had mental 'deficits'. According to one of the paramedics the injury officially occurred while the individual was washing one of the ambulances and fell off. However, the injured individual had a reputation for being a bit of a joker and rumor had it he was actually dancing on top of a soapy ambulance and slipped off. The other paramedic, who apparently knew the individual, said he could certainly see how that could be the case.
The injured individual had now returned to work, according to the first paramedic, but was not yet ready for active duty. Instead he was often seen around the station where apparently his co-workers were having trouble differentiating between his sense of humor and his mental 'deficits'. When the second paramedic asked him to explain, the first paramedic stated that the injured man had been repeatedly asking his co-workers if they wanted him to wash their backs. "Hey man, you need a back wash. You want me to wash your back," the first paramedic said as examples.
Both men laughed hard until their names were called and their coffee was ready. The second paramedic then stated that he felt bad, and that really they should not be laughing.
The first paramedic sipped his coffee then asked, what the hell else are you going to do?


Queenie said...

Poor guy.


Unknown said...

Check this out dawg.