Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Woman Will Only Allow Husband To Ignore Her For One More Month

A woman speaking to a group of friends last night said that she'd given her husband a deadline and would only allow him to ignore her through the end of August. She said that if he'd not agreed to work on the issues in their marriage by that point she would finally throw him out.
One of her friends asked what she meant when she said that he ignored her and she replied that essentially he rarely spoke to her or acknowledged her existence in any way. She said this had been going on for almost a year.
Another friend asked if she thought that the underlying issues were something that could really be fixed in therapy.
The woman said she hoped so.
And you really think things will go back the way they were when you were first married, asked one of the listeners.
Well, probably not that good, the woman said, but hopefully they'll at least get good enough to have kids.


Anonymous said...

If things work out for her, within two years she will have someone who will never stop talking to her.
Beating your head against a brick wall rarely renders any change in the wall, but it can do a job on your head.

Wyrfu said...

Good enough to have kids? Interesting concept...

Anonymous said...

Oy, why does the "good enough to have kids" start ringing alarm bells to me... I would've thought that there would be other priorities and issues to work on regarding themselves, before even envisioning the concept of kids.

Ah, the joys of imagining what's going in people's heads.