Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Woman Feels Dinosaur Bones Are Work Of Comedian God

A woman speaking with friends yesterday said that she believed in the literal 6 day creation story told in the bible. As such she felt that the Earth was roughly 6500 years old rather than the 4.5 billion years accepted by most scientists. Her friends clearly found this somewhat stunning and began to pepper her with questions regarding evidence that seemed to show that number was impossible. Her response was that God had simply created things 6500 years ago in a way that APPEARED to us humans to be much much older. The evidence was simply misleading.
Someone asked if this meant that the dinosaurs had never really existed.
She said that the dinosaurs were simply bones and fossils planted by God, but that they'd not really experienced a time of dominance over some ancient version of the Earth.
Someone asked why God would go to that trouble just to fool his children.
God, she said, has a good sense of humor.


Wyrfu said...

Well, I guess anything's possible...

Anonymous said...

Well, all I know is - this all happened like a really long time ago.

I wonder why it never occurs to anyone to wonder how or why God would tell Moses how it all was done, scientifically speaking, why they never wonder how God could possibly explain physics to man 6000 years ago or so and why they never figure out that God wasn't writing a book for the sake of recording history? He had bigger plans in mind.