Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Man Hoping Extra Brushing Will Fix Cavities

A man was telling a group of friends last night that he did not have insurance and had not been to a dentist in almost eight years. He said that he occasionally got pain in various teeth, but when it struck he simply upped his brushing regimen to four or five times a day until it subsided. Thus far he said it seemed to be working.
Another member of the group said that he'd pursued a similar strategy when he'd been unable to visit the dentist for almost three years. After a lifetime without a single cavity he said that when he finally went back they'd discovered he had four.
The man said he was very afraid of a similar thing happening to him. Even if he got insurance he said he wasn't sure he'd visit the dentist.
I'd probably end up leaving with dentures, he said.


Anonymous said...

I had a Nazi dentist as a child, he made several patients desert dentists entirely for years and I know of at least one who ended up with no teeth at all eventually.

Such a timely post, I have just come from the dentist... ouch!

Wyrfu said...

Many years ago I knew a guy who had false teeth. He explained that, when he was young, he'd decided that he'd had enough of troubles with his teeth and the inevitable painful visits to the dentist. He asked the dentist to pull them all out and give him a set of false ones. This was long ago, you understand, and somehow he managed to persuade the dentist to do so. The irony comes in that this guy never wore the bottom set of his dentures. "Just couldn't get comfortable with them," he said...