Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Teen Wonders Why Infant Deaths Bother People So Much

A teenage boy conversing with friends in the mall yesterday wondered why people considered the death of babies to be such a tragedy. He said that in most cases they couldn't talk, and if they did they had very little to say. They'd only been around for a few years so he felt like it wasn't really possible to say that you got to know them all that well. And, worse come to worse, you could probably still have more. He said that he wanted to be clear, he still felt that dying babies were a tragic thing, just not an exceptionally tragic thing.
One of the other teens said that it probably had something to do with the special innocence of the very young and the fact that their lives were cut so short.
The boy said that, again, while it was sad, he didn't find babies to be particularly innocent, just ignorant of any standards of right or wrong. And as for having their lives cut particularly short, he felt that perhaps it was less tragic to cut short the life of someone too young to have fully developed hopes and ambitions.
Maybe it's better to go before you learn to want anything, he said, than after you've figured out you're probably not going to get it.


Anonymous said...

Actually babies are the most self-centered and controlling people on earth, life is all demands. It's their technique for survival and it must be a perfect one since parents eagerly attend to these demands.

But there is something to be said for not living to see the day that you know what it is you want and realize that you can never have it.

Wyrfu said...

Those whom the gods love, die young. Babies must be much loved, methinks...