Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Man Wishes Nature Had Provided Him With Opportunity To Steal Television

A young man waiting for a bus yesterday was telling a friend that he wished a hurricane or some other natural disaster would strike his town and allow him the opportunity to get his hands on certain goods he could not otherwise afford, such as a large television. His friend pointed out that while a free television would be cool, the disaster would probably cost them their homes which were more valuable than a television to begin with. The man reasoned that the loss of the home would be temporary, that someone would eventually help them rebuild it, but then they'd have a new television to go with it, so in the end it would be a net gain.
The friend said he'd probably focus more on getting stuff to eat and drink. The man said he'd also steal those items, but that again, people would want to give them those sorts of things eventually, so if they were going to realize any benefit from such a disaster they'd have to aim higher.
A 36 inch TV is as close as you're going to get to an apology, the man said, so you better grab it while you can.


sean b said...

is it a certain social distance that allows people to think this way, or is it simply a natural hedonism that many people feel but only a few people have the guts to express?

either way, it seems a little shortsighted, to say the least.

sean b said...
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Wyrfu said...

I once saw a cartoon of two hippies walking down the road, laden with stereo gear on their backs. One was saying to the other, "Yeah, same here, man. Just gave up everything and hit the road..."