Monday, August 22, 2005

Well Informed Motel Clerk Calms Upset Breakfast Seeker

A man in the lobby of a Travelodge yesterday morning was very upset upon seeing the options available to him as part of the motel's free 'continental breakfast'. He angrily told the clerk that a box of powdered doughnuts and an urn of coffee did not count as a continental breakfast where he came from. He said that he really ought to call the Better Business Bureau and file a false advertising complaint.
The clerk then explained to him that in fact the offerings were almost the very definition of a continental breakfast which consisted of only a light pastry and coffee or tea. He said that the motel did have tea on hand and he'd be happy to make some if the man was interested.
The man said that in the places he usually stayed the continental breakfast always consisted of things like juice, eggs, bacon, cereal and the like.
The clerk explained that such offerings were the exact opposite of a continental breakfast and were commonly referred to as an 'English breakfast'. It was not the Travelodge who was lying in regards to the content of their breakfasts, but the other places where this man had stayed and received English breakfast under the continental heading.
At that point the upset man turned philosophical and told the clerk that this was all very interesting. He commented that really it was all backwards. A continent was huge, and therefore should signify something large, while England was a small island and should go with something tiny. The names themselves were misleading. In any case he said it was surprising to meet a motel clerk so well versed in such trivia and he asked where the clerk had picked it up.
The clerk said he'd looked it up on the web so he'd have something to defend himself with when people complained.
The doughnuts piss everyone off, he said.


Jodie said...

I'd work with that motel clerk anytime. Whatever they're paying him ought to be doubled.

Wyrfu said...

Forewarned is forearmed. :D

Anonymous said...

And Travelodge is world famous for its lavish accomodations and haute cuisine... no wonder he expected so much for his $60 a night.

Just another example of better living through the internet.