Monday, August 15, 2005

Man Confused By Online Date

A man having coffee and playing chess with a couple of friends last night was asked about his recent experience with online dating. He said that it had been very confusing. He'd spent a lot of time filling out his profile and had been very honest about his interests. He liked chess, books, video games, Lord of The Rings, and role playing games. And he was an engineer. In short, he said that he was a geek, and that in all honesty he was probably looking to meet a geek. He felt it would just save him a measure of rejection if all those things were on the table. And the girl who had responded had shown an enthusiasm for all those things, so he'd been excited.
His friend asked what was so confusing.
The man said that during the evening he'd somehow been turned off by discussion of their mutual love of Lord of the Rings. While he'd always considered finding a woman who shared his interests to be a sort of holy grail, in person he didn't find it that attractive. It just made her seem weird. He now felt that rather than looking for someone just like him, he probably wanted just the opposite.
His friend asked what 'the opposite' meant.
Cool, friendly, attractive, he said, you know, like a cheerleader.


Anonymous said...

I think it was the words "attractive" and "cheerleader" that clued me in as to what he didn't like about her. What is the world coming to when even geeks are shallow?

Wyrfu said...

The order gets taller. Now it has to be a friendly cheerleader who likes geeks? Good luck to the man... :D