Friday, July 29, 2005

Mother Asks Son To Come To His Own Intervention

The mother of a young man who apparently had a drinking problem was arguing with him about who was at fault in a recent dust up between the young man and his brother. The young man claimed that his brother was being unreasonable. The mother retorted that the brother had every right to be upset with the young man, who had apparently borrowed his brother's car, driven home intoxicated at some point in the night, and then left the car in the street with the door open and the engine running, a situation the brother did not discover until the following morning when he headed off for work and saw he vehicle idling cockeyed in the street.
The young man said he'd simply had a little too much to drink and it was not that big a deal. His mother disagreed. She said that these events were happening far too often and that everyone was worried.
We're throwing you an intervention, she said, I really think you should come.
The young man said that you can't tell someone you're having an intervention for them, it's like the Japanese phoning ahead to tell Pearl Harbor they're on the way.
I just want to make sure you show up sober, she replied.


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Janie said...

Mr. Kyle...... ( great name btw, that's my sons's name. There is a show called Intervention on TV. don't know what channel. Maybe A & E on cable?'s a very interesting show. Your blog is funny....keep on blogging

Wyrfu said...

That is brilliant: blow after blow of screamingly funny responses. Keep em coming, Mr Kyle. :)