Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Woman Asks Daughter If She Wants To Be A Stupid Bitch

A woman and her daughter were pushing their cart through the aisles of Wal-Mart yesterday while carrying on a heated discussion. The daughter repeatedly told her mother that she no longer cared to discuss the subject at hand and that nothing her mother could say about it was going to change her position.
The mother grabbed the cart and stopped her daughter in her tracks and asked if her daughter wanted to know the truth about things or if she just wanted to be a stupid bitch. When the girl did not respond the mother went on to say that she'd been forced to make the decision she'd made because of an 89,000 dollar debt. She asked her daughter if she happened to have 89,000 dollars jingling in her pockets.
The daughter said no, no one could get 89,000 dollars in their pockets.
The mother explained that if the girl continued to be smart with her she'd 'slap her head sideways.'
The daughter then exclaimed that she saw her teacher and ran down the aisle. She gave her teacher a hug.

(apologies for the late post - my internet's been down.)

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