Monday, July 25, 2005

Man Unable To Enjoy 40 Dollar Sandwich

A man eating lunch at an upscale restaurant in Beverly Hills said that he was so uncomfortable with the price of his sandwich that he was unable to enjoy it. He dining companion told him that the lunch was being expensed and not to worry about the price, but the man said that wasn't possible. He said that with every ingredient he couldn't stop doing various mathematical calculations in his head. For instance he said that there was probably only an eighth of a pound of meat on his sandwich, meaning that the restaurant valued it's pastrami at somewhere around 320 dollars a pound. He said that he could likely eat the entire sandwich in less that twenty bites, meaning that each bite cost about two dollars. He pointed out that for the price of this one small sandwich he could have gotten eight footlong sandwiches at Subway or Quiznos, which, in all honesty, he said would probably have even tasted better.
His companion told him to focus less on the sandwich specifically and more on the experience of eating at a nice restaurant in one of the most exclusive parts of the city.
I've tried, but it doesn't work for me, the man said. I'm not eating the city.


Wyrfu said...

I'm with the guy - no sandwich is worth $40.00.

Trée said...

LMAO, 40 quid for a sandwich. Hope the networking was worth it.