Friday, July 08, 2005

Campers Mourn Lack Of Cell Phone Service

A group of teenage girls riding the tram on the south rim of the Grand Canyon expressed a series of emotions including rage, disbelief, and mourning at learning that their cell phones did not work in the park. They argued that it was unfathomable that a place so full of people could fail to provide such a basic communications service and asked how they were supposed to keep in touch with their friends back home without their phones. One of the adults with the group told the girls that their friends would still be there when they returned home and said that if they were that desperate to talk about something with their distant mates then they could place collect phone calls from the park gift shop. The girls found this idea almost as objectionable as the fact that the park had no cell service.
How long are we here anyway, asked one of the girls.
Six days, responded a female chaperone.
If I have to spend six days staring at this big hole, threatened one of the teens, I'm going to to jump in.
The man who'd earlier suggested making collect calls reminded her to take her cell phone so she could call for help.


Anonymous said...

What's the point of crawling into a big hole if it isn't to be incommunicado?

Wyrfu said...

Sometimes I think we should forget how to make cell phones...