Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Man Finds Interesting Reason For Date To Come Back To His Place

A young man in a coffee shop with a date last night asked her if she'd like to accompany him back to his place. When she seemed hesitant he explained that his sister had made a great deal of fruit cocktail for a party, much of which had not been eaten. Unless someone ate it soon she would be forced to throw it out. He suggested she might stop in for just a few minutes to have a fruit cocktail. If she didn't want to stay he could even wrap some up for her to take home.
The girl said she didn't think she liked fruit cocktail. She said she liked to keep her fruits separate.
They sat in silence for a few moments.
Do you like strawberries, the young man asked, I could pull out the strawberries for you.
The girl asked if he was always this concerned about food going to waste.
No, he said, this is my first time.


Wyrfu said...

It's original, you must admit. :D

Anonymous said...

The old "I have a new coffee maker and I can't figure out how it works" line is much better. Then he could have skipped the coffee shop altogether.
No one can resist a man who is helpless in the face of kitchen appliances.