Friday, July 01, 2005

High Priestess Explains Duties and Powers To Date

A young woman dressed all in black was talking to a similarly dressed young man in the Religion and Occult section of a bookstore last night. Grabbing a book she explained that she was the High Priestess of a local group of witches who relied on the volume for all their spells. The young man said that High Priestess sounded like a pretty important position. She said that it was pretty much the most important position there was. He asked what it meant she had to do. She replied that she had to do pretty much everything. For instance, when members of the group had to be given special names, it was her job to come up with them. She did not specify any other duties.
When the young man asked what the spells could do, she said they could do pretty much anything. The young man asked if there was anyway they could use spells to make money, like predicting lottery numbers.
No, she said, you can't do that.


Anonymous said...

I don't think he understands how hard that naming job is.

Wyrfu said...

The games people play...