Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Woman Afraid To Tell Fiancee He Can't Sing

A woman looking through bridal magazines with a friend confided that she was afraid that if she could not muster the strength to tell her fiancee that he was a poor singer, he might ruin their upcoming wedding. She said that he'd originally written and performed a song for her on the one year anniversary of their first date, and that she'd thought it was extremely thoughtful and told him how much he appreciated it. Since then he'd written and performed songs for her on two other occasions, including after asking her to marry him, and each time the songs had been both more elaborate, and sadly, worse. Recently she said he'd been spending a great deal of time in the basement working on something he wouldn't allow her to hear and she feared that he was planning to sing a new song at their wedding. While they'd started out as sweet gestures she said she couldn't imagine how mortified she'd be if she had to stand in front of her friends and family while her new husband embarrassed her with his awful singing.
Her friend said she didn't see why it would be a big deal just to sit him down and say it seemed like a bad idea to sing at the wedding.
The woman said that as much time as she was putting into preparations he seemed to be spending on this song. She said she'd even heard him talking on the phone to a member of the band and she suspected that they might be rehearsing together.
The friend then asked if the fiancee had made any other requests as to how the wedding should go.
The woman said, no, he'd pretty much given her carte blanche to do as she saw fit and everything else was going to be perfect.
The friend then said that she should probably just let him do the stupid song. If he was willing to do everything that was asked of him to make the day perfect for his new wife, then the least she could do was give him five minutes to make it perfect for himself.
But what if what makes it perfect for him ruins it for me, the woman asked?
I'm sure it won't be the last time, her friend replied.


Wyrfu said...

The last sentence - pure wisdom. :D

Jodie said...

How can a loving gesture "ruin" a wedding? I kinda thought that's what it was all about. :)