Friday, May 27, 2005

Girl Feels Birds and Bees Talk With Mother Too Detailed

A girl explained to her friend in a coffee shop last night that her mother had sat her down for a 'sex talk'. She said that she had no idea what had inspired this conversation as she had been sexually active for more than a year and her mother had never seemed terribly concerned. She explained that she had attempted to inform her mother that that talk wasn't necessary, that she'd picked up all of the important information through school or experience. But she said her mother would not be deterred.
The friend said she could sympathize, that her father had sat her down for a similar chat recently.
The girl said she highly doubted that. She said that the talk had gone well beyond the normal uncomfortable basics and had covered territory the girl was now afraid she'd never be able to block from her memory.
Like what? her friend asked.
She told me to swallow, the girl replied, or politely spit into a towel.
Well, if that doesn't put you off sex, her friend replied, nothing will.


Wyrfu said...

I wonder what difference that "politely" makes...?

Anonymous said...

For some things a girl needs her mother. For everything else, there's Cosmopolitan.