Monday, May 16, 2005

Father Fears Child Becoming Too Religious

A father shopping for a book on Christian Inspiration for his daughter stated that he worried the girl might be becoming too religious. He said that though he was not particularly religious he'd initially seen her attending church as a positive thing and source of good friends and influences. However, he said that now that the church had come to dominate her social calendar and strongly influence how she expressed herself, for instance she often referenced the Bible and spoke of Christ's love, he'd become concerned. He felt that perhaps she was isolating herself and missing opportunities that she'd never have back. Further, he questioned whether having the church define her political and occasionally scientific views at such a young age was good for her.
The mother asked what he would prefer their daughter do? Stop attending church and start drinking and partying? She said that they should count themselves lucky to be buying a book on religion rather than a book on pregnancy.
You're probably right, he said. I guess I'm just having trouble adjusting to the fact that my daughter things I'm going to hell.


Wyrfu said...

Sooner or later it happens.. And this is a case of sooner, I think. Hilarious. :D

Anonymous said...

Better than her telling him to go to hell, which is much more common in teen/parent relationships.

Harry said...

Ned is even more hilarious.

I have noticed that almost all new converts go through a period similar to that of one whom has just quit smoking, and both sorts can be rather unbearable for a prodigal to be around.

But, there is a line in the Bible that can give the most hardened heathen (I almost typed criminal there, out of habit -- sorry) solace and comfort: This too, shall pass.