Monday, May 30, 2005

Man Feels Touching Penis No Less Sanitary Than Touching Breasts

A man returned from a resteraunt restroom and informed his dinner mates that in this particular establishment the sinks were outside the actual restroom and in plain view, meaning that it one chose not to wash one's hands, everyone would see.
A female dining companion asked, don't you always wash your hands after using the restroom?
The man asked if she always washed her hands after touching her breasts. When she said no he asserted that it was essentially the same thing.
Another female companion pointed out that urine did not come out of her breasts as it did the man's penis. She said that there were surely leakage and dribbling issues that made the penis much less sanitary.
The man assured her that, when handled properly, uniration was a very clean process. It's designed to go away from you, not at you, he said.
So if the chef urinated without washing his hands then returned to cooking that would be okay with you? she wondered.
If he's as good as me, he can urinate while he's cooking and it won't make a difference, he said. I don't know what you women do, but most men have learned not to pee on themselves.


Wyrfu said...


Anonymous said...

Some women only wash their hands because other women are watching, and those other women are washing their hands because there are other women there. The paper towels in the facilities at work are made of recycled paper and smell like roasted buffalo chips, not sure what they recycled them out of. Personally, I really don't want to think about it...

We all know men don't pee on themselves, they pee on the toilet seat and the floor usually.

Harry said...

This is my most difficult comment yet, for I am typing it using my toes.

Jodie said...

Harry, you are soooo talented!

That guy needs to have a little talk with one of the nurses in Infection Control.

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