Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Athlete Hopes To Combat Infertility By Crushing Lesser Opponents

A man who appeared to be a former athlete told his friend that in response to news from his doctor that his sperm count was the source of his fertility troubles, he had joined a novice basketball league. His friend asked how one could possibly have anything to do with the other. The athlete explained that studies had shown that the testosterone levels of victors in any sort of competition or conflict were raised while the levels of the losers fell. He said that since he'd played basketball in college he excepted that he wouldn't have too much trouble leading his teams to some easy victories, thus hopefully raising his testosterone levels and eventually his sperm count.
His friend said that this sounded like a pretty far fetched plan for the athlete's doctor to suggest.
The man said that joining the league had been his idea.
My doctor, he said, wants me to wear shorts that I store in the freezer. Still think basketball sounds far fetched?


Wyrfu said...

I think the guy has a good plan there. But the doctor's? Talk about freezing yer b******S off...

Jodie said...

Actually, the doc is correct, sort of, because the guy should be wearing boxer shorts and loose pants (the freezer thing isn't going to help because the shorts will just warm up again). If that area gets too warm on a regular basis, infertility results.