Thursday, May 05, 2005

Liar Upset Boss Assumes He's Lying

A young man studying with a young woman in a bookstore yesterday decided that his workload was going to prevent him from going to his job. He phoned his boss and explained that he had bad news. He said that his car wouldn't start and that it also had a flat tire. After a brief pause he went on to say that no, his spare was also flat. Another pause and he said that, yes he might be able to make it in couple hours late, once repairs were made, but that he had a doctors appointment shortly after, so it would hardly be worth it. A few seconds passed and then he said, okay and hung up. Then, looking very perturbed, he threw his phone in his bag and said, unbeleivable.
The young woman asked what the trouble was.
He said that his boss, 'totally thought I was lying,' and requested that he bring in receipts for all the car troubles if he wanted to keep his job.
But you were lying, responded the young woman.
Yes, he said, but she doesn't know that. For all she knows I'm having a shitty day where my car won't start and I have two flats and instead of being sympathetic she's asking for recipts.
What a bitch, he concluded.


Wyrfu said...

Be sure your sins will find you out! :D

Jodie said...

Gone, you got that right!

Harry said...

Poor kid. Someday he might learn the courageous art of calling in well.

Anonymous said...

He should have just mentioned the "D" word: diarrhea (or alternately IBS). That always precludes any questions. It has worked like a charm for this negligent employee many times.

Anonymous said...

I knew someone who did that Harry. She had overheard that another employee had called in and taken a vacation day. What she didn't know is that the other employee had an emergency at home, and used a vacation day that she had accrued to cover the time. So, she thought, "what an excellent company" and straightaway called in one morning to say she was tired and going to sleep in and take a vacation day.

The unadvisedness of calling in well was then explained to her.

Harry said...

The ex-cons I worked for never fired a man over the phone for being so honest, Ned, but would wait till I showed up at work to beat the snot out of me. I now realize I must have forgotten how that last part played out.