Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Man Plans Vacation Around Politics

A man who stated that he was from South Carolina peppered his neighbor with questions upon learning that she was from Tucson, AZ. He said that his wife had been pressing him to vacation in Arizona, and in addition to the Grand Canyon and Phoenix, she'd suggested that they spend a couple days in Tucson. He asked his neighbor if she thought there was enough to do in Tucson to justify such a stay.
The neighbor, a young woman, likely a student, said that there was certainly a number of beautiful places to visit in and around the city and she highly recommended a visit.
The man then asked after the politics of the city. He said he was pretty set in his ways and did not enjoy visiting places full of 'wackos'. For instance, he offered, he'd never visit San Francisco.
The young woman said that she didn't really feel it was a terribly political town, but suggested that because of the University it might be somewhat liberal.
Well, what kind of liberal are we talking about?, the man asked. Liberal like democrats, or liberal like gays?
The girl smiled.
Couldn't say. I supposed you'll have to visit to sort it out.

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Wyrfu said...

Well, I suppose it is one way of choosing a holiday destination...