Monday, October 03, 2005

Woman Upset Husband Will Not Accept Oral Sex While Driving

A woman speaking to a group of friends in a coffee shop last night said that it really bothered her that her husband had never allowed her to perform oral sex while he was driving. She said that she had offered on numerous occasions and that he always told her to stop, that driving was a serious thing and required his full concentration. She asked around her table to see if anyone else had heard similar arguments. They had not.
She said that just once she'd like her husband to quit worrying about everything and to be a little bit free. And if they hit an embankment and she died with her head in his lap, so be it. She said that was unlikely anyway. Her husband listened intently to the radio while driving and had never even had a ticket. She said this was practically the same.
If listened to the radio was just like receiving oral sex, one of the men in her group said, I'd spend a lot more time listening to the radio.


Jerry Bowley said...

I'd like to know what station they're talking about... Might have to get me some Satellite Radio!

I agree with the guy, though... I can't even talk on my cell phone when I'm driving. It's like I get tunnel-vision, or something.

sean b said...

What was it Pancho Villa said about preferring to die on his feet rather than continuing to live on his knees?

Not that we can reasonably equate receiving oral with overthrowing an oppressive government in terms of living a fulfilling life, but they might be closer than you think.

Wyrfu said...

Receiving oral huh? Sorta "sit back and enjoy it but keep your eyes on the road"?

Anonymous said...

Guess I shouldn't mention the guy that was literally dismembered by his partner when the car struck a tree during such an activity. It would only scare people.