Friday, October 28, 2005

Excerpt of Conversation That Resulted In Einstein's Reincarnation As Brad Pitt

E: So I was close?
G: You were in the neighborhood.
E: I knew it. So you're sending me back to finish?
G: Everyone goes back.
E: This is fantastic.
G: But you're not going to finish.
E: Oh no, I'm close, you said so yourself. A couple years I'll have it all sewn up.
G: Right, well, I'm guessing you'll be less interested in all that next go around.
E: Less interested? Are you nuts! I mean that with all due respect your... you know, God.
G: Al, I'm not going to lie to you. You're not getting the big brain next trip.
E: Oh.
G: But trust me, you're not going to miss it. Don't misinterpret this, but you're going to be incredibly hot. And you remember Jane Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe?
E: Sure.
G: Nothing compared to what I've got planned. And they're all going to be after you.
E: Thanks all the same, but I'd really prefer to get back to work.
G: I know you would, and technically I can't stop you. Once you're there it's all up to you.
E: Well that settles it. I vow to finish my unification theory. With God as my witness, I... what's my name going to be?
G: Brad. Brad Pitt.
E: Brad? Really?
G: You'll make it work.
E: Very well then. With God as my witness, I Brad Pitt will solve the puzzle that lies at the heart of our universe, I will answer the questions that underlie our existence, I will know the mind of... well, of you.
G: I'll be eagerly awaiting your conclusions.
E: I'm serious. I'm going to do it.
G: I'm sure you will. Best of luck.
E: You'll see God, you'll see.
G: Okay. Okay. Just wash your hair this time.


Anonymous said...

I think he got close in the gilliam flick, but was very confused when shortly thereafter he read a twain statement about how god created man because he was disappointed in monkeys.

Now, after Troy, I'm convinced all hope is lost for us to ever know anything about dimensions 4 through 12.

Unknown said...

Well, I'm sure we've all wrestled with these kinds of things. Angelina Jolie or particle physics, particle physics or Angelina Jolie.

Heather said...

If that's the choice...particle physics. No contest.

Wyrfu said...

So, basically, we're here to wrestle and it's merely a matter of choosing who or what...?