Monday, October 10, 2005

Husband Thinking Of Divorcing Vegetarian

A married man in a coffee shop told a friend last night that he was strongly considering divorcing his newly vegetarian wife. He said that at first he'd been in favor of it because he imagined that the dietary restrictions would help her lose some of the pounds she'd gained since their wedding. However, he said he hadn't considered how isolating their different eating habits would be. Each of them bought their own groceries because she now shopped in a special organic market, and each prepared their own dinners. Often they no longer ate together. Many of the resteraunts they'd gone to when dating were no longer acceptable to his wife because of their limited vegetarian options. And though she didn't often mention it, he said he felt that she was dissapointed when he ordered a hamburger or a steak.
His friend laughed and said surely the man wasn't serious. He asked if the man planned to put 'irreconcilable diets' on the divorce papers. Of all the reasons for marriages to end up in trouble he said that this sounded like one of the most trivial. What about sickness and health, death do us part, all those promises? Was there an out for 'stops eating meat'?
I made those promises to a carnivore, the husband said.

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Wyrfu said...

That marriage contract needs to be sewn up a good deal more tightly...