Friday, February 24, 2006

PSL Has Been Hit By Laziness

Paper Sack Lifetime is currently traveling and has come down with a serious case of laziness that is common to this region. Although attempts to vaccinate ahead of time we made, PSL was none the less infected. Doctors have urged aggressive treatment including caffeinated beverages and electrical shock, but thus far this has only resulted in an urgent need to use the bathroom and an increasingly deep fear of metal objects.

Having come down with laziness and seeing the people of this region who have also been afflicted with this serious disease, PSL would thinks it's time to call for action. While this particular case of laziness will hopefully lift within a week, it remains a chronic problem for millions worldwide. By banding together to attack the problem at its root (the daytime television and comfy couch industry) we could see a significant decline in laziness levels in our lifetime.

In any case, PSL hopes to return to form very soon and apologizes for an inconvenience you may have experience as a result of our sitting around and doing nothing.

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Jerry Bowley said...

Yeah, actually, I was going to say... Ah, nevermind.